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    Will lemay

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    Toyota Starlet

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  6. Shinichiro Arakawa Spring/Summer 2000

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    jeff wall “picture for women” 1979


  9. Mohamed Bourouissa

    La hall, 2007 

    From the series Périphéries 

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    trigger warning: rape, sexual assault

    An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested Thursday and charged sexually assaulting at least six women while he was on patrol, though police expect more alleged victims to come forward.

    Daniel Holtzclaw is charged with rape, oral sodomy and sexual battery. The three-year veteran of the force is being held on a $5 million bond, Reuters reports.

    Police said the assaults took place while Holtzclaw was on the job, in some cases as a result of traffic stops.

    alright first of all it’s really important to know that he attacked black women ages 34-58, where he demanded they expose themselves, fondle them, raping them, and either asking or demanding oral sex from them.

    ladies of oklahoma, if you’ve been attacked by this man, most likely during traffic stops, please don’t be scared to report. this guy’s looking at life in prison and i’m sure your brave contribution would confirm his confinement.

    jesus christ

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    Haori jackets in gabardine wool and silk from Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

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    i’ve decided to put together a zine on the topic of loving your friends and telling them that! i’d like submissions from all types of folks but in particular from and to women/people who were socialized as women, given that we’re taught to be threatened by each other instead…

    please submit anything and everything you wish! letters, stories, photo booth pix, normal pix, illustrations, poems, etc!


    spread the word if you can xoxo


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    throwback to a fun night with SPERM, CULT BAND and GLITTER at ACAD, 2014

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